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I was there for a treatment of Psoriasis and the results were excellent. Where Western treatment had failed for quite some time to solve the problem and find a cure, he managed with his ayurvedic treatment to reach to the core of the causes instead of trying to fix some of the symptoms. So he is definitely an outstanding ambassador for the capability of ayurvedic medicine to treat chronic diseases far better than western medicine. After two weeks of treatment I came out rejuvenated.
The cleanliness of his clinic is perfect, for a western patient like me this is also very helpful for being trustful in the treatment. So it is a place I can gladly recommend."
Richard Naetebusch, Germany (naetebusch@gmx.de)

It was very pleasant experience. We enjoyed every moment, practical and theory. We would
like to thank the team for guiding us during these 2 week.

We have a good basic knowledge to start our own practice. Thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality

Paeiman Carolina & Lietaert Els

Ayurveda courses school
1st OCT, 2012---- Dr. Tarun Gupta & Dr. Rani Gupta were invited as a Guest Lecturers at Royal Danish Embassy, New Delhi in an event.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to study ayurveda and massage therapy at Shri Kaya Kalp. The method of teaching was so simple and easy. Thanks for the team of doctors for the able guidance. It was a good institute to learn Ayurveda.
I want to thanks all the faculty members and staff of Shri Kaya Kalp for giving me such a nice atmosphere and care at the centre that made the learning very easy for me. The training was excellent.   
I was recommended by my friend who has taken a treatment from Shri Kaya Kalp for arthritis. I was equally benefited by the treatment which I took for low back pain. Allopathic doctors have advised me surgery for my problem but Dr Tarun Gupta assured me that you will be cured by panchkarma treatment. I took the treatment for 4 weeks along with the medicines. I got nearly 80% in the treatment period. Now after 3 months f treatment I feel like normal doing all my work comfortably. Thanks Dr Tarun Gupta for his guidance and treatment. I would definitely repeat the treatment next year as told by Dr Tarun Gupta. Thanks Shri Kaya Kalp.
Thanks for the wonderful experience that I had at Shri Kaya Kalp. I did course for 2 weeks on ayurveda Massage and Panchkarma therapy. The course was so designed that it was simple to understand and learn. Special attention was taken n the practical aspect of the course. Each and every step of massage was made to understand. Dr Tarun Gupta himself was involved in the practical training. Now it has been 6 months I did the course. Now I am running my own centre at my place. Just because of the knowledge I received from Dr Tarun Gupta, I am very confident when I deal with my clients. Thanks Dr Tarun Gupta For your personal support. I will definitely come again to study further.
The massage that I took from Shri Kaya Kalp was beyond my expectations. I cannot get this type of relaxation therapy in France. I would like to come again and again for this beautiful therapy whenever I visit India again.
I always think that Ayurveda is a very complicated science but after doing the 4 weeks course in Ayurvedic massage and panchkarma therapy I changed my opinion. The way of teaching by the faculty at Shri Kaya Kalp was so simple that I could understand Ayurveda in a better way.
We undergone “Ayurvedic Massage Techniques with special reference to MARMA POINTS – (1 week)” and we would like to recommend the panel of Doctors and their staff for the highly professional care and services that we received during our training period. During this time we experienced the very best of care, friendly and professional behavior from you as well as your staff. We are joining in together with thanks and appreciation for your wonderful care which we will always remember.

We gratefully acknowledged the training course and service that “Shri Kaya Kalp” provided us and we wish all the best.
I am a 24yrs old girl from Mumbai facing water retention and acidity problem from past 3-4 years. I came to know about Shri Kaya Kalp by one of my friend who is staying in Janak Puri New Delhi.I carried out Virechan and after virechan I am feeling absolutely fantastic and very energetic. It’s been a month now that I have done this treatment and during this period I did not face any problem. In addition to this I also lost 3.5 kg which was very beneficial for me. Another advantage that I got was I got rid of my worms in the intestine. I was taking deworming medicine every 2 months but to no avail. But after Virechan I not only got rid of my problem but am also feeling very fresh and energetic.

My sincere thanks to Dr Tarun Gupta and all the staff of Shri Kaya Kalp for helping me. Good luck to you, may you help many people in the coming time.                                                                                  
I am working and living in Bangladesh and had to come to Delhi for a vacation. One of my friends happened to mention in conversation of an Ayurvedic treatment named Virechan. As an medical septic (I don’t like to go to doctors) and more specifically with no prior exposure to ayurveda or any alternate form of medicine, I had my doubts regarding the efficacy of such a treatment.
However at 84 Kgs and a tendency for acidity and indigestion coupled with an almost around the clock, heaviness of the body and a sedentary lifestyle, I decided to give a shot. From the second day of the treatment, I was surprised at the feeling of lightness in the stomach and overall alertness. Despite the early morning discomfort

Of having ghee, the entire treatment was surprisingly comfortable.
 After the complete treatment I lost 3 kgs in body weight along with a much improved digestion and lightness.  I would strongly recommend this treatment to be taken at least once a year to cleanse out the system and rid the body of toxins and waste that gets accumulated give our lifestyle.                                                                                        
I am Andrey Egrafov age 22 years from Russia. I came at Shri Kaya Kalp for my Psoriasis and arthritis treatment. Ayurveda is the only science to cure this disease before treatment at Shri Kaya Kalp I take pain killers in approximately 2-3 days. Now after the treatment I don’t take painkiller medicines at all, now I can move my joints more easily. I think that total reduce of pain is about 70%-80%.

Thanks Shri Kaya Kalp for helping me!!!
The course was very interesting and all the staff went the extra mile to help us and made me feel comfortable in the learning process.

Both the theory and pratical were very easy to understand and full of content and really enhanced my perception towards Ayurveda

It was very pleasant experience. We enjoyed every moment, practical and theory. We would
like to thank the team for guiding us during these 2 week.

We have a good basic knowledge to start our own practice. Thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality
I really enjoyed the course because I could learn everything I was expecting from the Panchkarma Therapy and Pregnancy and Child care course in the theory and especially from the practical point of view.
The doctors were very helpful in teaching the knowledge that they have acquired with simplicity. Their practical experience helped me in understanding the course thoroughly. They were able to adapt the course as per my needs and requirements. Moreover the staff is also very helpful. Overall, I find this place to be very agreeable place to learn.
Course was very well organized, good support material, good installations (Rooms, A/C etc.), Knowledged Doctors / Teachers. Courses were very interesting and useful for practical use. I believe that Marma course could be done in less than 6 days as not so extensive theory exist, definitely will use when I learn to incorporate in my massages.
The Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking course was well balanced with theory and practical and I learned very much.
Overall appreciation, I was satisfied and happy to take the course as they proved to be quite useful for my work, Thank you for your help and kindness. All the best.
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