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I was there for a treatment of Psoriasis and the results were excellent. Where Western treatment had failed for quite some time to solve the problem and find a cure, he managed with his ayurvedic treatment to reach to the core of the causes instead of trying to fix some of the symptoms. So he is definitely an outstanding ambassador for the capability of ayurvedic medicine to treat chronic diseases far better than western medicine. After two weeks of treatment I came out rejuvenated.
The cleanliness of his clinic is perfect, for a western patient like me this is also very helpful for being trustful in the treatment. So it is a place I can gladly recommend."
Richard Naetebusch, Germany (naetebusch@gmx.de)

It was very pleasant experience. We enjoyed every moment, practical and theory. We would
like to thank the team for guiding us during these 2 week.

We have a good basic knowledge to start our own practice. Thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality

Paeiman Carolina & Lietaert Els

Ayurveda courses school
1st OCT, 2012---- Dr. Tarun Gupta & Dr. Rani Gupta were invited as a Guest Lecturers at Royal Danish Embassy, New Delhi in an event.
Pregnancy and Child Care in Ayurveda (1 week )
» Ayurvedic concepts for better Conception.
» Concept of Pregnancy in Ayurveda.
» Pregnancy Care:
1 Monthly regimen in Pregnancy.
2 Do and don'ts of diet and lifestyle in pregnancy.
» Approach of management of common problems in pregnancy.
» Post-Pregnancy care.
» Care of a new born/ infant
1 Infant feeding
2 Tonics for infants
3 Teething in child
4 Care of the child
5 Diet of the child
6 Daily and seasonal Regimen
» Common problems of children and dealing with them through Ayurveda.
» Pregnancy massage.
» Post natal massage
» Baby massage
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